Welcome to Geo-Research Institute

Geo-Research Institute, Co., Ltd. (GRI) serves as a consultancy in geotechnical and environmental engineering for both public agency and private clients.

Mission Statements

• GRI is committed to studying the ground material technologically, and to contributing to the advancement of the geotechnical engineering.
• GRI contributes to a reasonable and economical improvents and development of the construction work and the disaster prevention of the construction work by applying the technology of the ground investigation, examination, measurement, analysis and construction management etc. to solve practical problems.
• GRI offers the clients a safe and comfortable living environment by accumulating the technologies concerning the management of ground hazards such as earthquakes and landslides, the maintenance of structures or the geo-environment preservation.

Overseas Relationships

GRI has developed friendly research partenerships and relationships with other institutes or universities overseas since 1990s. Many international communications allow us to promote the techniques and skills in geotechnical engineering at home and abroad. And it is still honored for GRI to continue and develop these special relationships internatinally nowadays.

Mr. Hashimoto is the Director of GRI and the President of Kansai Branch of The Japan Geotechnical Society. He is an overseas expert of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Construction and Transportation, and Tianjin Metro Group, LTD. in China. He has also served as a member of International Panel of Advisors to Singapore Land Transport Authority since 2015.